How To Become An Influencer

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How Much Do Influencers Make?

Did you know that the going rate for a sponsored post on Instagram is $1,000 for every 200,000 followers?

So if you have an account with 2M followers, you’ll get paid $10,000 for every single post.

All you need to do is post an image of you wearing their shoes, or using their product – which you’ll also get to keep. And you’ll make $10,000 in minutes.

Now imagine what you could get by selling your own product to that same ravenous audience!

But How Do You Become An Influencer?

The potential for influencers is absolutely gigantic then. The only problem is that most people have NO IDEA how to go about becoming an influencer.

How do you thrive on Instagram and other social media platforms?

How do you get a blog to become something that people check daily because they want to hear what you have to say on any given subject?

How do you avoid the fate of so many creators – posting content to social media every single day, only to climb by a few hundred subscribers in 6 months?

Better than becoming an affiliate marketer, or selling a digital product, is to become an influencer. This way, you will be not only rich, but also famous.

You’ll find that influential people and companies are lining up to offer you amazing opportunities.

You’ll be able to launch any future business idea or product you can possibly dream up to immediate success.

And you’ll even be recognized in the street by grateful fans. This is the true power of marketing on the web.

With this video course you’ll learn to become a micro influencer. That means an influencer with just a few thousand follows, that can nevertheless command the same kinds of endorsement rates and that can drive sales.

This is a far more achievable goal, but one that can allow you to make a living from doing what you love and talking about your passions inside a year.

Topics covered:

5 Personal Branding Tips to Help You Stand Out as an Influencer
5 Ways to Build Your Followers and Increase Your Influencer
How to Choose Your Niche as an Influencer
How to Find Great Topics to Blog and Post About as an Influencer
How to Get Brand Deals as an Influencer
How to Work With the Top Influencers in Your Niche
Monetization Tips for Influencers
The Secret to Becoming an Influencer is by Delivering Value
Understanding the 3 C
Which Social Media Platforms Should You Build Your Influence On


How To Become An Influencer eBook

You’ll find a full, step-by-step program that will help you to build a powerful “personal brand” with a strong message that people respond to in a MASSIVE way.

Point-By-Point Checklist

View or print this handy checklist so that you can check off each point. It is like a summary of the entire guide but in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the course.

Resource Cheat Sheet

You’ll also get access to a rolodex of top sites, blogs, forums, tools, apps and services to get you even further. Inside you’ll find: Top blogs and forums Top tools Top tips and how to’s + more!


A quick glance over this mindmap and you’ll get an instant refresher of all the major points and action steps from the main guide.

Imagine being recognized in the streets by fans who love your work (and imagine what your friends will think when that happens!).

Imagine being asked to give interviews, gives talks, and write books! Who knows, maybe a TED talk is in your future?

Imagine being able to give up the day job and earn a HUGE salary by just posting images to Instagram.
It’s all within your grasp – within anyone’s grasp in fact.

I’m delighted to have the chance to share this powerful guide with you!

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